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Corning® Pyrex® Accelerated One-Step™ Extractor / Concentrator Modular Assembly

By Corning
Corning® Pyrex® Accelerated One-Step™ Extractor / Concentrator Modular Assembly

This modular Pyrex® Accelerated One-Step™ extractor-concentrator performs extraction, concentration, and drying with the same apparatus and is designed for use with solvents of heavier specific gravity than sample being extracted. Extraction and concentration can be done in 1/3 of the time. Pesticides can be completed in 5.5 hours instead of 18 hours for normal liquid-liquid extractions. BNA's extraction time reduces from 36 hours to 12 hours.

Extraction process requires only 100mL of solvent versus 500mL, an 80% reduction. This reduces solvent emissions (solvent recovery is built in), solvent cost, and solvent disposal. No separate extract drying required due to use of a hydrophobic membrane. The PTFE hydrophobic membranes are disposable eliminating the risk of sample to sample contamination. Meets the requirements of EPA SW-846 method 3520 and EPA Waste Water method 625 allowed in CLP statement of work OLMO2.0 for semi-volatiles and pesticides.

Extraction and concentration steps can be performed outside the hood. Some type of ventilation system used above or near the units in case of a drop in condenser water temperature or loss of condenser cold water supply is recommended. Removable Snyder column sidearm allows easy cleaning. The required concentrator tube (Cat.No. 1-2157-100T or Cat.No. 1-2157-100TL) and the Allihn condenser (Cat.No. 1-3840-MCO) must be purchased separately. Covered by U.S. Patent Nos. 5,268,150 and 5,373,620.

Cat.No. Brand Name Description CS    
1-3915-C Pyrex® Accelerated One-Step™ Extractor/Concentrator (without K-D or Condenser) Accelerated One Step™ Extractor/Concentrator $2079.93
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1-3915-CAO Pyrex® Coupler Assembly Only, Top/Bottom Coupler Assembly, Top/Bottom $530.04
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1-3915-CVO Pyrex® O-Rings, Viton Coupler, 1-1/2" I.D., 1-11/16" O.D., 3/32" Width, 75 Durometer Viton® Coupler O-rings $222.06
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1-3915-CW Pyrex® Connectors/Washers Only, for Stopcock Assembly, Melamine Connectors, PTFE Liners, Silicon Washers Connectors/Washers, for Stopcock Assembly $381.81
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1-3915-ECO Pyrex® Extractor Cup Only Extractor Cup $252.03
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1-3915-MBO Pyrex® Extractor Body Only, t 45/50 Top, j 35/25 Side Extractor Body, t 45/50 top and j 35/25 side joints $604.08
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1-3915-SCA Pyrex® Stopcock Assembly Only Stopcock Assembly $157.50
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1-3918-47 Pyrex® Membrane Assembly, 47mm Membrane Assembly, 47mm $947.88
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1-3918-47BP Pyrex® Membrane Assembly, 47mm Bulk Pack Membrane Assembly, 47mm Bulk Pack $7467.17
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1-3918-47MS Pyrex® Photoceram™ Membrane Support Only, for 47mm Membrane Photoceram™ Membrane Support for 47mm Membrane $156.42
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