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Spectrafuge™ 24D Digital Microcentrifuges

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Spectrafuge™ 24D Digital Microcentrifuges

The newest member of the Spectrafuge™ family, the 24D features precise digital microprocessor control. This centrifuge is loaded with features, such as a unique easy access rotor, exlusive multi-air cooling system and high performance drive - yet has a list price low enough to make it the most economical high performance microcentrifuge on the market.

A newly designed, easy-access 24 x 1.5mL rotor is supplied with the Spectrafuge™ 24D. This innovative rotor places the tubes on a plateau, where the user can easily grip their tops. The powerful brushless motor quickly accelerates the rotor to a maximum speed of 13,300rpm / 16,000 x g. An optional StripSpin™ (Cat.No. 182-C2400-SS) adapter fits onto the rotor for spinning 0.2mL tubes and strips. The controls are simple, consisting of only two "smart" knobs, with values shown on a large, easy to read LED display. The speed knob is used to set the speed in either rpm or g-force. Pressing the knob toggles the display between rpm and rcf. Turning the timer knob sets the time parameter, while pushing it starts and stops operation of the unit. The last run settings remain in memory allowing for repetitive centrifuging without resetting of parameters.

Air enters the centrifuge through vents on the back of the housing and is circulated in multiple directions to maximize cooling. The result is a cool running microcentrifuge that keeps samples close to ambient temperature, even during extended runs at maximum speed. For samples that require below ambient temperatures, the Spectrafuge™ may also be used in a cold room.

Additionally, this unit is exceptionally quiet and maintains a small footprint. The Spectrafuge™ 24D is available in five accent colors. To order 230V units, simply add -230V to the end of the catalog number. The 230V product includes both -EU and -UK power cords. Units dimensions are 23.5 x 29.3 x 21.6cm (W x D x H).

Cat.No. Brand Name Voltage Speed (rpm) RCF Rotor Included Temp Range EA    
182-C2400 Spectrafuge™ 24D Digital Microcentrifuge, Standard Gray 120/230V 13,300 16,300 x g Y 4 to 35°C $1862.52
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182-C2400-B Spectrafuge™ 24D Digital Microcentrifuge, Blue Accents 120/230V 13,300 16,300 x g Y 4 to 35°C $1862.52
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182-C2400-T Spectrafuge™ 24D Digital Microcentrifuge, Teal Accents 120/230V 13,300 16,300 x g Y 4 to 35°C $1862.52
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182-C2400-P Spectrafuge™ 24D Digital Microcentrifuge, Purple Accents 120/230V 13,300 16,300 x g Y 4 to 35°C $1862.52
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182-C2400-R Spectrafuge™ 24D Digital Microcentrifuge, Red Accents 120/230V 13,300 16,300 x g Y 4 to 35°C $1862.52
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182-C2400-SS StripSpin™ Adapter for 0.2mL Tubes and Strips (fits onto standard rotor)           $120.06
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