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Accessories for CorningĀ® Hot Plates and Stirrers

By Corning
Accessories for Corning® Hot Plates and Stirrers

The Accessory Kit is designed for all Corning digital display hot plates and stirring hot plates (Models PC-400D, PC-420D, PC-600D, PC-620D). It is voltage independent and includes a temperature controller (6795PR) that controls the temperature of liquids up to 200°C, a two piece, 5/16" (0.8cm) diameter, 18" (45.7cm) long support rod (440129) and magnetic stir bar retriever (6970SR).

The Corning temperature controller is designed to take the guesswork out of controlling liquid temperatures on the digital display PC-400D and PC-600D hot plates and PC-420D and PC-620D stirring hot plates.
• Controls the temperature of liquids up to 200°C in vessels on top of the Pyroceram heated top.
• Increases accuracy and repeatability by controlling liquid temperature not top plate temperature.
• When in use, the controller icon on the display well be lit and the temperature control on the unit can be set from 5-200°C.
CAUTION: A 200°C setting when using 6795PR does not mean that the top plate is at 200°C. Top plate temperature could be as high as 550°C.

Corning hot plates, stirrers, and hot plate/stirrers have a space for a support rod accessory to be screwed into the base of the unit. These support rods are constructed from stainless steel and are offered in three different sizes.

Corning stirrers and hot plate/stirrers have been designed to perform optimally with the appropriate magnetic stir bars. These stir bars are PTFE coated for increased chemical resistance.


Cat.No.NameFor Use withCS  
1-6795PR Temperature Controller Models PC-400D, 420D,600D, 620D $214.72
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1-6795KIT Hot Plate and Stirring Hot Plate Accessory Kit Models PC-400D, 420D,600D, 620D $253.50
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1-440129 5/16" x 9" Support Rod All digital and PC-200/210/220/400/410/420 $62.62
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1-409831 7/16" x 24" Support Rod Model PC-600 $0.00
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1-400084 5/16" x 12" Support Rod Model PC-200 $48.17
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1-440140 Boss Head Clamp All hot plates with 5/16" or smaller support rod $65.87
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1-440141 Stainless Steel Holding Rod All hot plates $52.80
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1-400430 PTFE Coated Magnetic Stir Bar, 3/8" x 2" Model PC-610 $51.18
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1-401435 PTFE Coated Magnetic Stir Bar, 3/8" x 1 Models PC-210/220, 410/420 $43.55
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1-409000 PTFE Coated Magnetic Stir Bar, 3/4" x 3 Model PC-611 $59.05
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