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Cleanware™ Pipette Rinsing System

By Bel Art Products
Cleanware™ Pipette Rinsing System

The Cleanware™ Pipette Rinsing System for pipette cleaning and storage has an effective, reliable design that ensures safe, efficient operation. Available in a complete system or in individual components.

  • Pipette Rinsers provides a simple, automatic method for rinsing large numbers of pipettes at one time
  • High level water entry provides an air gap between the maximum water level and the end of the water inlet tube ensuring safe and efficient operation
  • "Tube within a tube" siphoning system assures rapid, complete and automatic siphoning and refilling over a wide range of inlet water pressures and flow rates
  • Minimizes the danger of siphon stalling at certain water inflow rates and prevents any possible backflow into the potable water supply in the event of a pressure interruption
  • Leak-proof, polyethylene Pipette Jars store and soak pipettes and will withstand all common cleaning solutions at room temperature, including sulfuric acid/dichromate
  • Pipette Baskets, filled with pipettes, fit into the corresponding size jar; cut-out hand grips for easy handling; gusher holes provide quick drainage when lifted from a soaking jar; foam disk on the bottom cushions pipette tips to prevent breakage
  • Includes 30.5cm (12") long piece of 2.5cm (1") I.D. drain tube and 1.5M (5ft) of 12.5mm (½") I.D. flexible water inlet tube
Cat.No.BrandNameEA  CS  
8-H17121-0000 Cleanware™ Complete Pipette Rinsing System, up to 18" $484.85
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8-H17122-0000 Cleanware™ Complete Pipette Rinsing System, up to 24" $542.65
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8-F17130-0018 Cleanware™ Pipette Jars, 6 x 18" $121.95
Add To Favorites $487.80
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8-F17130-0024 Cleanware™ Pipette Jars, 6 x 24" $128.70
Add To Favorites $514.80
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8-H17106-0000 Cleanware™ Pipette Basket, 4 x 23" $137.10
Add To Favorites $822.60
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8-H17107-0000 Cleanware™ Pipette Basket, 4 x 32" $150.40
Add To Favorites $902.40
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8-F17131-0018 Cleanware™ Pipette Rinser, 18" $344.85
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8-F17131-0024 Cleanware™ Pipette Rinser, 24" $379.55
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