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Ovation® M Mechanical Volume-Set Pipettes

By VistaLab Technologies

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Ovation® M Mechanical Volume-Set Pipettes

The Ovation® M mechanical volume-set pipettes are ergonomically-designed and combine revolutionary performance with a conventional analog volume setting capability. Six color-coded models are available for liquid dispensing from 0.2µL to 1000µL.

Cat.No. Brand Name Volume Range Increments Accuracy Precision Color EA    
106-1070-0002 Ovation® M 0.2 - 2.0µL 0.002µL ±1.5% at 2µL ±2.7% at 1µL ±9% at 0.2µL 0.9% at 2µL 1.8% at 1µL 7.6% at 0.2µL Red $292.00
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106-1070-0010 Ovation® M 1.0 - 10µL 0.01µL ±1% at 10µL ±1.5% at 65µL ±2.5% at 2µL 0.4% at 10µL 0.6% at 5µL 1.2% at 1µL Orange $292.00
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106-1070-0020 Ovation® M 2.0 - 20µL 0.02µL ±1% at 20µL ±1.5% at 65µL ±7% at 2µL 0.3% at 20µL 0.5% at 10µL 2% at 2µL Yellow $292.00
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106-1070-0100 Ovation® M 10 - 100µL .1µL ±.8% at 100µL ±0.8% at 50µL ±3.5% at 10µL 0.15% at 100µL 0.24% at 50µL 1% at 10µL Green $292.00
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106-1070-0200 Ovation® M 20 - 200µL .2µL ±0.8% at 200µL ±0.8% at 100µL ±2.5% at 20µL 0.15% at 200µL.25% at 100µL 1% at 20µL Blue $292.00
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106-1070-1000 Ovation® M 100 - 1000µL 1.0µL ±0.8% at 100µL ±0.8% at 500µL ±3% at 100µL 0.15% at 1000µL 0.2% at 500µL 0.6% at 100µL Purple $292.00
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106-1070-0998 Ovation® M 3-Piece Starter Set (10, 100, 1000µL)           $767.00
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106-1070-0999 Ovation® M 4-Piece Starter Set (2, 20, 200, 1000µL)           $1022.00
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