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OvationĀ® BioNatural Single-Channel Pipettes

By VistaLab Technologies
Ovation® BioNatural Single-Channel Pipettes


Ovation® pipettes have a unique and patented ergonomic design. They are the only pipettes that fully address the issues of posture, repetition, and force to significantly reduce strain and pain that occur from pipetting, while always providing superior accuracy and precision.


The angled shape allows users to pipette with low arm and elbow height, decreasing tension and associated pain in the neck, shoulder, back, and elbow. When used properly, the Ovation pipette will keep the user's hand and wrist in the neutral position recommended by ergonomic experts.

  • The contoured body shape and adjustable hook assures a comfortable, easy grip, and custom fit hand hold.
  • The spring loaded tip acquisition means a gentle push is all that is required to attach tips, and an audible "click" confirms secure attachment.
  • Tips "flick" off easily with a low force push of the eject button.
  • Special filters in the nozzle prevent liquid from being inadvertently aspirated into the pipettor, protecting it from contamination.
  • Ovation pipettes are the only pipettes that stand on their own, which means tips never touch the bench, even if the pipette is put down in the middle of a procedure.
  • Ovations are color-coded for easy and quick volume identification.
Catalog # Color Volume Range Dispensing Increments Accuracy Precision
106-1065-0020 Yellow 0.5 – 20µL 0.05µL ±1.0% at 20µL
±1.5% at 10µL
±3.0% at 2µL
0.30% at 20µL
0.50% at 10µL
1.80% at 2µL
106-1065-0125 Green 2 – 125µL 0.5µL ±0.8% at 125µL
±0.8% at 62.5µL
±2.9% at 12.5µL
0.15% at 125µL
0.24% at 62.5µL
1.00% at 12.5µL
106-1065-0250 Blue 5 – 250µL 1µL ±0.8% at 250µL
±0.8% at 125µL
±2.5% at 25µL
0.15% at 250µL
0.25% at 125µL
1.00% at 25µL
106-1065-1250 Purple 25 – 1250µL 5µL ±0.75% at 1250µL
±0.8% at 625µL
±2.8% at 125µL
0.15% at 1250µL
0.20% at 625µL
0.60% at 125µL
106-1065-05mL Gray 100 – 5000µL 10µL ±0.6% at 5000µL
±0.6% at 2500µL
±2.4% at 500µL
0.16% at 5000µL
0.20% at 2500µL
0.60% at 500µL
106-1065-10mL Red 0.2 – 10mL 10µL ±0.6% at 10mL
±1.0% at 5mL
±2.4% at 1mL
0.16% at 10mL
0.20% at 5mL
0.30% at 1mL



Cat.No.BrandNameVolume RangeIncrementsColor CodeTip SizeEA Certified
106-1065-0020 Ovation® Single-Channel Pipette 0.5 - 20µL 0.05µL Yellow Micro (25µL) $703.75
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106-1065-0125 Ovation® Single-Channel Pipette 2 - 125µL 0.5µL Green Small $703.75
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106-1065-0250 Ovation® Single-Channel Pipette 5 - 250µL 1µL Blue Small $703.75
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106-1065-1250 Ovation® Single-Channel Pipette 25 - 1250µL 5µL Purple Large $703.75
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106-1065-05ML Ovation® Single-Channel Pipette, Macro5 100µL - 5mL 10µL Gray Macro $781.00
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106-1065-10ML Ovation® Single-Channel Pipette, Macro10 0.2 - 10mL 10µL Red Macro $799.50
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