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Acrylamide/Bis-Acrylamide Solutions 40% (w/v)

By MP Biomedicals

Ultrapure grade, prepared from highly purified acrylamide (4X) and bis-acrylamide (2X) using deionized ultra-filtered water for electrophoresis of proteins and nucleic acids.

Final ratio:

  • 37.5:1 for the separation of high molecular weight proteins
  • 29:1 for sequencing gels and the separation of proteins
  • 19:1 Optimal for sequencing gels and also for the separation of peptides

Polyacrylamide is a commonly used matrix for electrophoretic separation of nucleic acids and proteins. Polyacrylamide gels are prepared by free radical dependent co-polymerization of acrylamide and a cross-linker such as N, N-methylene-bis-acrylamide (Bis). The acrylamide to cross-linker ratio determines the pore size of the gel, which in turn determines the size range of molecules that can be separated (e.g. proteins are generally separated using ratios ranging from 29:1 to 37.5:1 whereas the a ratio of 19:1 is commonly used for DNA sequencing gels or separation of peptides).

Reliable electrophoretic experimental results demand high purity reagents with low levels of contaminants. Impurities may impair homogeneity and reproducibility of gel polymerization. Moreover, charged impurities may exert a major effect on electrophoretic separation. Qbiogene's pre-mixed acrylamide solutions are prepared from Ultrapure Molecular Biology Grade reagents ensuring uniform polymerization upon addition of ammonium persulfate and N, N, N, N - tetramethylenediamine (TEMED).

For greater convenience and safety, Qbiogene offers ready-to-use premixed, pre-filtered acrylamide/bis-acrylamide 40% (w/v) stock solutions prepared with 4X crystallized acrylamide and deionized, ultrafiltered water. Ready-to-use acrylamide solutions eliminate the risks associated with the handling of acrylamide powder. The solutions are packaged in UV-proof glass bottles.


UN code: UN2074
Conductivity (40% solution in H2O, 25°C): ≤ 5µS/cm
Acrylic acid (titrimetry): ≤ 0.001%
A290 (1% in H2O): ≤ 0.1
Acrylamide powder purified by recrystallization 4X
Bis-acrylamide powder purified by recrystallization 2X
Heavy metals (as Pb): < 0.0002%
Polymerization time: < 30 min
RNAse, DNAse, Protease free

Storage: +4°C protected from light
Risk and Safety: Hazardous material Please refer to the material safety data sheet for proper handling

Cat.No. Name Size Final Ratio EA    
17-BIAC1902 Acrylamide/BisAcrylamide, 40% solution 1L 19:1 DISCONTINUED  
17-BIAC1903 Acrylamide/BisAcrylamide, 40% solution 3 x 1L 19:1 $0.00
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17-BIAC2902 Acrylamide/BisAcrylamide, 40% solution 1L 29:1 $356.35
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17-BIAC2903 Acrylamide/BisAcrylamide, 40% solution 3 x 1L 29:1 $0.00
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17-BIAC3752 Acrylamide/BisAcrylamide, 40% solution 1L 37.5:1 $404.84
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17-BIAC3753 Acrylamide/BisAcrylamide, 40% solution 3 x 1L 37.5:1 $0.00
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