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BD Peptones / Hydrolysates

BD Peptones / Hydrolysates

Peptones (protein hydrolysates) and extracts are used in the formulation of culture media for the cultivation of heterotrophic microorganisms.

Cat.No. Name Size EA   Certified
10-211843 Acidicase Peptone 500g DISCONTINUED  
10-211520 Beef Extract, Bacto, Desiccated Dried form 500g DISCONTINUED  
10-212610 Beef Extract, Paste 500g DISCONTINUED  
10-212303 Beef Extract, Powder 500g DISCONTINUED  
10-213210 Beef Heart for Infusion 500g $380.38
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10-211862 Biosate Peptone 454g DISCONTINUED  
10-294312 Biosate Peptone 25lb DISCONTINUED  
10-237200 Brain Heart Infusion 2kg $519.48
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10-237300 Brain Heart Infusion 10kg DISCONTINUED  
10-211065 Brain Heart Infusion Agar 500g $192.28
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10-237500 Brain Heart Infusion M 500g $129.75
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10-256120 Brain Heart Infusion, Porcine 500g $156.58
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10-223050 Casamino Acids 500g DISCONTINUED  
10-223020 Casamino Acids 2kg DISCONTINUED  
10-223030 Casamino Acids 10kg DISCONTINUED  
10-223120 Casamino Acids Technical 500g DISCONTINUED  
10-223110 Casamino Acids Technical 10kg DISCONTINUED  
10-228820 Casamino Acids, Vitamin Assay 100g DISCONTINUED  
10-228830 Casamino Acids, Vitamin Assay 500g DISCONTINUED  
10-211610 Casein Digest 500g DISCONTINUED  
10-225910 Casitone 10kg DISCONTINUED  
10-225930 Casitone M 500g DISCONTINUED  
10-214340 Gelatin 500g $82.20
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10-211870 Gelysate Peptone 454g DISCONTINUED  
10-259962 Lactalbumin Hydrolysate 500g DISCONTINUED  
10-213320 Liver, Desiccated powder of beef liver, 135g = 500g fresh liver 135g DISCONTINUED  
10-218630 Malt Extract 500g DISCONTINUED  
10-211681 Neopeptone 500g DISCONTINUED  
10-211680 Neopeptone 10kg DISCONTINUED  
10-211677 Peptone 500g DISCONTINUED  
10-211820 Peptone 2kg DISCONTINUED  
10-211830 Peptone 10kg DISCONTINUED  
10-211906 Phytone Peptone 454g DISCONTINUED  
10-298147 Phytone Peptone 5lb DISCONTINUED  
10-210936 Phytone Peptone UF 10kg DISCONTINUED  
10-211910 Polypeptone Peptone 454g DISCONTINUED  
10-297108 Polypeptone Peptone 10kg DISCONTINUED  
10-211684 Proteose Peptone 500g DISCONTINUED  
10-212220 Proteose Peptone 2kg DISCONTINUED  
10-212230 Proteose Peptone 10kg DISCONTINUED  
10-212010 Proteose Peptone 10kg DISCONTINUED  
10-253310 Proteose Peptone 10kg DISCONTINUED  
10-211692 Proteose Peptone No. 3 500g DISCONTINUED  
10-211693 Proteose Peptone No. 3 500g DISCONTINUED  
10-211715 Proteose Peptone No. 4 10kg DISCONTINUED  
10-212488 Select Soytone 500g DISCONTINUED  
10-212489 Select Soytone 10kg DISCONTINUED  
10-243620 Soytone, Bacto 500g DISCONTINUED  
10-243610 Soytone, Bacto 10kg DISCONTINUED  
10-255772 TC Yeastolate 500g DISCONTINUED  
10-255771 TC Yeastolate 10kg DISCONTINUED  
10-211921 Trypticase Peptone 454g DISCONTINUED  
10-211922 Trypticase Peptone 5lb DISCONTINUED  
10-211923 Trypticase Peptone 5lb DISCONTINUED  
10-211705 Tryptone 500g DISCONTINUED  
10-211699 Tryptone 2kg DISCONTINUED  
10-211701 Tryptone 10kg DISCONTINUED  
10-251420 Tryptone, BiTek 10kg DISCONTINUED  
10-211713 Tryptose (Enzymatic hydrolysate of protein) 500g DISCONTINUED  
10-211709 Tryptose (Enzymatic hydrolysate of protein) 10kg DISCONTINUED  
10-211929 Yeast Extract 454g DISCONTINUED  
10-212710 Yeast Extract 454g DISCONTINUED  
10-212720 Yeast Extract 2kg DISCONTINUED  
10-212730 Yeast Extract 10kg DISCONTINUED  
10-211930 Yeast Extract 5lb DISCONTINUED  
10-210931 Yeast Extract 25lb DISCONTINUED  
10-211931 Yeast Extract 25lb DISCONTINUED  
10-210933 Yeast Extract, LD 500g DISCONTINUED  
10-210941 Yeast Extract, LD 10kg DISCONTINUED  
10-212750 Yeast Extract M 500g DISCONTINUED  
10-288620 Yeast Extract, Technical, Bacto 500g DISCONTINUED  
10-210929 Yeast Extract, UF 500g DISCONTINUED  
10-210934 Yeast Extract, UF 10kg DISCONTINUED  

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