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RapidStill Distillers

By Labconco
RapidStill Distillers

A companion to the Micro Digestor, the RapidStill I is designed for labs that are determining micro quantities of protein/nitrogen. It may also be used to perform only one or two macro determinations per day by simply diluting and aliquoting the sample. The one-piece borosilicate glass still is mounted on a tough, chemical-resistant console that contains all operating controls. Each distillation takes only five minutes. Unit accepts digested samples up to 4mL (maximum) and gives reproducible results in ranges as low as 1 mg/L Kjeldahl nitrogen. Dimensions of 13.13"W x 9.56"D x 20.5"H.

RapidStill I Features:

  • Built-in glass aspirator allows you to purge spent samples after determination. The water used for cooling this condenser is also used for aspirating. A twist of the stopcock draws the sample and rinse water down the drain.
  • One-piece borosilicate glass still features chemically inert PTFE stopcocks. There are no rubber or plastic tubing connections to crack, corrode or leak. The still comes complete with a pivoting receiving flask stand to hold the receiving flask at the proper level.
  • Lightweight, one-piece console is molded of white high-density polyethylene for chemical resistance. Fits on any countertop.
  • Variable heat control switch allows complete control of the steam. It directs the electrical input to the immersion heater for fast efficient heat. Steam generation starts rapidly from a cold start.
  • 115V immersion heater inside the water reservoir; variable heat control switch for controlling steam; and 8 ft, 3-wire cord with plug.
  • Includes metering valve for installation between the water source and the water inlet tube connector to the steam reservoir.

The RapidStill II is an automatic steam distillation unit designed specifically for macro Kjeldahl nitrogen determinations. It serves as a companion to the Rapid Digestor-4 and Rapid Digestor-25 and ts compact design conveniently fits on a countertop. Once samples have cooled from the digestion process, simply dilute with water and place one sample tube on the RapidStill II. Then add the sodium hydroxide by depressing a built-in dispenser switch and start the distillation process by activating the timer. Each distillation takes five to ten minutes. Dimensions of 18"W x 12.75"D x 29.75"H.

RapidStill I Features:

  • Boiler heater switch activates the boiler heating element.
  • Boiler water switch fills the boiler with water. It is interlocked to prevent its operation during the heating of the boiler.
  • Built-in sodium hydroxide switch allows you to safely control the amount of caustic to be added. The switch is interlocked to operate only when the boiler heater is on.
  • Corrosion-resistant inlet tubes for sodium hydroxide and steam are made of chemically-inert PTFE for long life.
  • Distribution head acts as a junction for the steam and NaOH delivery tubes and serves as a trap preventing the NaOH from entering the receiving flask.
  • Condenser is a combination Allihn and spiral condenser for efficient recovery of the distillate.
  • Condenser ventilation valve prevents siphoning of distillate back into the condenser chamber.
  • Flow restrictor prevents the cooling water flow rate to the condenser from exceeding 1.0 gallon per minute.
  • Digestion tube retainer is spring loaded to securely hold the tube during distillation.
  • Distillation timer switch is infinitely adjustable from 0-15 minutes to control the dispensing of steam into the digestion tube. It is interlocked to function only when the boiler heater is on. The NaOH cannot be dispensed into the digestion tube when the timer is in operation. Automatically shuts off the distillation process.
  • Sight gauge lets you monitor water level in the boiler.
  • Safety cover protects the condenser.
  • Safety door surrounds the digestion tube and protects the operator from digestion tube breakage.
  • An 1100-watt heater surrounding a 1000mL flask generates steam.
  • Includes a molded tray catches spills and speeds clean up.

Cat.No. Model Electrical EA   Certified
1195-6500000 RapidStill I 115V, 60Hz, 2.4A $6055.00
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1195-6520000 RapidStill II 115V, 60Hz, 15A $13485.00
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