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Corning® BioCoat™ Intestinal Epithelium Differentiation Environment

By Corning® BioCoat®
Corning® BioCoat™ Intestinal Epithelium Differentiation Environment

An integrated system designed to create in vitro intestinal models. Contains a specially formulated serum-free medium, culture supplements, sodium butyrate, and Corning BioCoat™ Fibrillar Collagen Cell Culture Inserts.

An in vitro system used for rapid differentiation of Caco-2 cells:

  • Facilitates confluent enterocyte monolayer formation with barrier function within 72 hours
  • Promotes barrier function with TEER > 150 ohms cm2 and mannitol permeability coefficient < 4x10-6 cm/sec
  • Permits testing of both actively and passively transported compounds
  • Allows for studies two to three days postseeding, 17-18 days earlier than with commonly used procedures
  • Serum-free environment maximizes control over experimental conditions
  • Saves labor time and media by eliminating three to five feedings

Complete protocol provides:

  • Standardized procedures
  • Capability for immediate start-up


Caco-2 cells can be used as in vitro models of intestinal epithelial cells for the following:

  • Examination of transepithelial passage of orally administered drugs to help predict bioavailability of new therapeutic agents in humans
  • Studies of intestinal transport mechanisms for various nutrients, metabolites and trace elements, and of compounds that interfere with this process
  • Investigation of the mechanisms involved in the entry, replication and expression of infectious agents of the intestinal tract
  • Studies of structural and/or functional changes in the intestinal epithelium associated with diseases, such as Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis or drug-induced intestinal inflammation
Cat.No. Brand Name Type Treated Number of Wells Material Color Lid Growth Area Sterile Packaging Addl. Info. CS    
3-355057 BioCoat™ Intestinal epithelium differentiation environment               Each 1 kit: 24 cell culture inserts, 100mL Seeding Basal Medium, 400mL Entero-STIM Enterocyte Differentiation Medium, 0.5mL MITO+ Serum Extender, complete protocol $530.07
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3-354474 BioCoat™ Fibrillar collagen cell culture inserts in two 24-well plates Y 24 PET Clear Y 0.3cm² N Case of 24 PET membrane with 1.0µm pore size, ECM/attachment factors $342.87
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3-355058 BioCoat™ Intestinal differentiation media pack               Each 500mL Seeding Basal Medium, 500mL Entero-STIM Enterocyte Differentiation Medium, 2x 0.5mL MITO+ Serum Extender $292.92
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3-355357 BioCoat™ Enterocyte Differentiation Medium, 250mL               Each   $93.25
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3-355006 BioCoat™ MITO+ Serum extender, 5mL               Each   $164.98
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