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Enviro-Genie™ Refrigerated Incubator

By Scientific Industries
Enviro-Genie™ Refrigerated Incubator


  • 4°C to 75°C precise temperature range
  • Thermoelectric (Peltier) refrigeration and heating - no compressor
  • Microprocessor controls allow for accurate, reproducible conditions
  • Economical, space-saving and secure

Combination refrigerator/incubator/rotator/rocker/stirrer to study microorganisms and tissue cell growth under strictly controlled conditions of temperature and agitation. Performs membrane-based blot assays/washings and hybridizations efficiently. Chamber air is gently and continuously circulating at a rate that ensures the temperature consistency and uniformity of all test samples. Shatter-resistant window allows samples to be viewed without affecting the chamber environment.

Rotating, rocking and stirring speeds; temperature and time all are displayed on large LEDs for accurate reproducible conditions. Timer displays elapsed time or remaining time until programmed off-up to 96 hours. Visible and audible alarms for both temperature and time.

Supplied with two-sided magnetic platform, one clip plate of each size (10-13mm, 15-17mm and 28-30mm diameter tubes), four magnetic stainless steel mounting strips, one 8 x 12" nonskid metal rocker tray, two specially designed magnetic stirrers and one wire rack. Can be cleaned or decontaminated easily.


Platform workload capacity 10 lb. (4.5 kg)
Temp. range 4°C to 75°C
Temp. accuracy ± 0.2°C
Temp. uniformity ± 0.5°C
Temp. resolution 0.1°C
Temp. stability ± 0.1°C
Stirring 1-2000 rpm includes stir reverse
Rotating 1-35 rpm
Rocking 2-70 cycles per minute
Cat.No. Name Voltage Dimensions, Int. Dimensions, Ext. Chamber Vol. EA   Certified
103-SI-1200 Enviro-Genie™ Refrigerated Incubator 120V 254 x 362 x 260mm 495 x 622 x 368mm 24L $6510.68
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103-SI-1201 Enviro-Genie™ Refrigerated Incubator 230V, no plug 254 x 362 x 260 495 x 622 x 368 24L $6510.68
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103-SI-1202 Enviro-Genie™ Refrigerated Incubator 230V, European plug 254 x 362 x 260 495 x 622 x 368 24L $6510.68
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103-SI-1203 Enviro-Genie™ Refrigerated Incubator 230V, British plug 254 x 362 x 260 495 x 622 x 368 24L $6510.68
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103-SI-1204 Enviro-Genie™ Refrigerated Incubator 230V, Swiss plug 254 x 362 x 260 495 x 622 x 368 24L $6510.68
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103-SI-1206 Enviro-Genie™ Refrigerated Incubator 240V, Asutralian plug 254 x 362 x 260 495 x 622 x 368 24L $6510.68
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