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VorTemp™ 56 and 1550 Shaking Incubators

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VorTemp™ 56 and 1550 Shaking Incubators

Designed for simultaneous heating and mixing of small samples, the VorTemp™ 56 is supplied with interchangeable platforms for microtubes (56 x 1.5mL tubes, or smaller tubes with adapters) or microplates (accepts standard and deepwell plates, up to 2.0mL). VorTemp™ 1550 includes platforms for 8 x 50mL and 18 x 15mL tubes.

Temperature and shaking speed are adjustable over a broad range, making the VorTemps™ useful for a variety of applications, including bacterial cultures and digestions. Mechanical convection provides a uniform and stable environment. The shaker in the VorTemp™ 56 may be turned off, allowing the unit to be used as a static incubator.

A microprocessor controls all parameters including temperature and timed operation. Self diagnostic software continuously monitors the unit for proper temperature and shaking speed, alerting the user to any errors. Heating and shaking are controlled by feedback loops which precisely maintain chosen parameters, independent of load or voltage fluctuations. The sturdy construction of the VorTemps™ provides stability during high speed shaking. The chamber is fully insulated to maintain uniform temperature and to reduce operating noise.

Both units have a temperature range of Ambient +5° to 99°C with accuracy of ±0.5°C. Speed ranges from 200-1,400 rpm for the VorTemp™ 56 (Max. speed 230V unit is 1,200 rpm) and 200-900 rpm for the VorTemp™ 1550.

Note: To order 230V units, simply add -230V to the end of the catalog number (includes -EU and -UK cords).

VorTemp™ 56 and 1550 Shaking Incubators
Cat.No. Brand Name Model Voltage Dimensions, Ext. EA   Certified PK   Seal Color
182-S2056A VorTemp™ Shaking Incubator, 56 x 1.5/2mL Tube Capacity 56 120/230V 23 x 31 x 23cm $2702.78
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182-S2050A VorTemp™ Shaking Incubator, 8 x 50mL/18 x 15mL Tube Capacity 1550 120/230V 26 x 31 x 31cm $3311.61
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182-S2056-R VorTemp™ Additional Platform/Workstation for Microtubes       $206.91
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182-C1205 VorTemp™ Individual Adapters for 0.5/0.6mL Tubes             $47.96
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182-C1206 VorTemp™ Individual Adapters for 0.4mL Tubes             $47.96
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182-C1222 VorTemp™ Individual Adapters for 0.2mL Tubes             $49.11
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