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Protector® Demonstration Hoods

By Labconco
Protector® Demonstration Hoods

Protector® Demonstration Hoods are low profile, light-duty fume hoods designed to provide a clear, unobstructed view of procedures from all sides during educational demonstrations. Offered individually or as a system including Cart with Work Surface, Lower Transition Adapter and FilterMate™ Portable Exhauster for use with two Carbon Filters or one Carbon Filter and one HEPA Filter in any combination. Cat.Nos. 1195-3944300 and 1195-3944301 require connection to a remote blower, house exhaust or FilterMate™ Portable Exhauster, as well as a work surface and supporting base.

All models feature:

  • Deep 23" interior that easily accommodates a variety of apparatus.
  • Clean-Sweep™ air foil that allows air to sweep the work surface for maximum containment. Airflow openings pull inflow air from under the air foil so that clean air continually flows through the air foil creating a constant barrier of protection from contaminants.
  • Upper containment sash foil that bleeds air into the enclosure to direct concentrations of contaminants away from the operator’s breathing zone.
  • Upper dilution air supply that introduces room air at the top of the sash to dilute concentrations in the upper chamber and bathes the back of the sash with clean air.
  • Clear rear baffle that directs air streams to the back of the interior for removal hrough the exhaust connection. The baffle may be pivoted downward for cleaning.
  • Side-entry air foils that allow air to sweep across the interior glass surfaces to enhance containment.
  • Sturdy glacier white and gray, dry powder epoxy-coated aluminum frame.
  • Tempered safety glass front sash, sides, rear baffle and top that offer excellent 360° visibility, ambient light and protection. Glass provides better fire, scratch and corrosion resistance than acrylic.
  • 8" high sash opening that limits exhaust demand, conserves costly tempered room air and requires a smaller remote blower than most fume hoods. Tall models, 32.0" high, have a 10" high sash opening.
  • Ergonomic angled sash allows a closer view, reduces glare and provides a more comfortable operating position than vertical sashes. Models, 22.8" high, have a 20° angle; models, 32.0" high, have a 14° angle. The hinged sash pivots upward and locks to a loading height of 19.0" or 27.7" depending on the model.
  • Lower exhaust tissue screen.
  • Two utility ports with iris openings that allow passage of tubing, electrical cords and interface cables from inside to back exterior for connection to services.
  • Flexible exhaust options. 2" x 10" rectangular exhaust collars on the top and bottom allow the Protector® Demonstration Hood to be connected to ductwork for exhausting to the outside or to a Filter-Mate™ Portable Exhauster for filtered removal of fumes and/or particulates. Using the bottom exhaust collar keeps ductwork hidden, maximizing room visibility.

Protector® Demonstration Hoods

Protector® Demonstration Hood Systems
1195-3944300 Protector® Demonstration Hood 33.6"W x 29.1"W x 22.8"H $4590.00
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1195-3944301 Protector® Demonstration Hood 33.6"W x 29.1"W x 32"H $5205.00
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Cat.No.BrandNameVoltagePlug TypeDimensionsEA  
1195-3945000 Protector® Demonstration Hood System 115V Domestic 39"W x 31.9"D x 58.8"H $11870.00
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1195-3945001 Protector® Demonstration Hood System 115V Domestic 39"W x 31.9"D x 68"H $12485.00
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1195-3945020 Protector® Demonstration Hood System 230V International 39"W x 31.9"D x 58.8"H $12130.00
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1195-3945021 Protector® Demonstration Hood System 230V International 39"W x 31.9"D x 68"H $12760.00
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No Blower required. FilterMate™ included.

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