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Precise™ HEPA-Filtered Glove Boxes

By Labconco
Precise™ HEPA-Filtered Glove Boxes

Precise™ HEPA-Filtered Glove Boxes have inlet and outlet HEPA filters and provide a leak-tight physical barrier to protect the operator from hazardous airborne particulates and powders. These boxes have uses in pharmaceutical research, nanotechnology and biochemistry. Microorganisms, low-level radiochemicals, chemical carcinogens and asbestos may also be used in these boxes.

HEPA-Filtered Glove Boxes are constructed with a one-piece molded, medium-density polyethylene shell, powder-coated steel frame and neoprene gasket. With a 1/4" thick laminated safety glass viewing window and space-saving inner and outer transfer chamber doors that pivot upward, are counterbalanced and equipped with quick-latches. The black, chemical-resistant phenolic core work surface is sealed to the glove box floor.

Additional features include:

  • Interior ceiling-mounted electrical duplex
  • Built-in blower with speed control capable of airflow from 13 CFM to 100 CFM
  • Inlet and outlet HEPA filters, 99.99% efficient on 0.3 micron particulates, and test port for challenging HEPA filter
  • Main chamber static pressure gauge for monitoring HEPA filter loading integrity switches for light and innermost interior electrical receptacle
  • 0.05 ppm average tracer gas levels or less detected during perimeter scan testing (surpasses ASHRAE 110 standards)
  • Airborne particulate cleanliness (measured under positive and negative pressures per ISO 14644-1 test method) exceeds ISO Class 5 conditions (equivalent to Class 100) and achieved ISO Class 3 conditions (equivalent to Class 1) at both minimum and maximum operational airflow volumes
  • No detectable leaks greater than 1 x 10(-3) mL/second when tested with a mass spectrometer while glove box is pressurized with helium at 5 inches of water gauge
  • Vibration less than 1.5 x 10(-5) inches displacement measured at the work surface at both minimum and maximum airflow volumes
  • Transfer chamber interior interlocking shelf of dry powder epoxy-coated steel
  • Includes a pair of neoprene gloves, 0.15" thick, 30" long, size 9 ¾
  • 22 watt fluorescent lamp

Main chamber interior dimensions of 33.5"W x 27.5"D and transfer chamber dimensions of 11" nominal ID x 12" long.

Cat.No. Brand Name Liner Voltage Plug Type EA    
1195-5220200 Precise™ HEPA-Filtered Glove Box Polyethylene 115V, 60Hz Domestic $13895.00
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1195-5220220 Precise™ HEPA-Filtered Glove Box Polyethylene 230V, 50Hz International $13895.00
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1195-5220221 Precise™ HEPA-Filtered Glove Box Polyethylene 230V, 60Hz Domestic $13895.00
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1195-5220230 Precise™ HEPA-Filtered Glove Box Polyethylene 100V, 50Hz International $13895.00
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1195-5220231 Precise™ HEPA-Filtered Glove Box Polyethylene 100V, 60Hz International $13895.00
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