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Standard Threaded Microscale Kit

Standard Threaded Microscale Kit

The 186-747000 Series Microflex® Kits feature versatile threaded chaste connections. They can be assembled "right side up" or "upside down", providing great versatility. Kits contain all the components necessary to perform the experiments described in the following texts: Organic Laboratory Techniques: A Microscale Approach by Pavia, Lampman, Kriz, and Engel from Saunders College Publishing: and Microscale Organic Laboratory by Mayo, Pike, and Butcher from John Wiley and Sons. Kits are packed in a rugged polyethylene storage case (2 1/2" H x 13 1/2" W x 10" D) with a die cut foam insert. They fit easily into lab bench drawers. Also available in Ekono-Case®, a low cost corrugated cardboard alternative to plastic. High temperature resistant blue nylon connectors. Ideal for use to 200°C.

Component Item Quantity Model
Claisen adapter, 13-425 1 186-747100-0000
Connector, 13-425 to
hose connector
2 186-747185-0013
Connector, 8-425 to 8-425 1 186-747200-0808
Connector, 8-425 to 13-425 1 186-747200-0813
Connector, 13-425 to 13-425 4 186-747205-1313
Connector, 13-425 to 20-400 2 186-747205-1320
Water jacketed condenser, 13-425 1 186-747250-0000
Air condenser/chromatography
column, 100mm, 13-425
1 186-747300-0100
Craig recrystallization app., 1mL 1 186-747330-0002
Craig recrystallization app., 2mL 1 186-747330-0003
Hickman distillation head 1 186-747350-0000
Drying tube, 13-425 2 186-747370-0000
GC collection tube, 8-425 2 186-747600-0000
Capillary gas delivery tube, 8-425 1 186-747620-0000
Micro vial, 0.1mL, 8-425 2 186-749000-0110
Micro vial, 0.3mL, 13-425 1 186-749000-0000
Micro vial, 1mL, 13-425 1 186-749000-0001
Micro vial, 3mL, 20-400 2 186-749000-0003
Micro vial, 5mL, 20-400 1 186-749000-0005
Compression cap, 13-425 1 186-410119-1307
Cap O-ring, Viton,® size 107 2 186-758252-0107
Foam insert set 1 186-747011-0002
Storage case 1 186-746001-0001

Replacement parts for glassware kits can be ordered by model number.

Cat.No. Name EA    
186-747010-0000 Standard Threaded Microscale Kit $787.54
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186-747010-0005 EKONO-CASE Standard Threaded Microscale Kit $767.79
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186-747011-0002 Foam Insert Set $16.36
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