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Protector® Evidence Drying Cabinets

By Labconco
Protector® Evidence Drying Cabinets

The durable, stainless steel-lined Protector® Evidence Drying Cabinet provides a secure ventilated area to dry evidence such as clothing and bedding. The cabinet's HEPA and carbon filtered exhaust protects personnel from exposure to biohazards while eliminating nuisance odors. The key-activated ultraviolet light provides secondary disinfection of the interior between cases to prevent cross contamination, ensuring integrity of samples for DNA testing. The lockable cabinet maintains the chain of custody.

Features include:

  • 254nm UV lamp
  • Key-activated UV light switch
  • Type 304 brushed stainless steel interior, stainless steel rod and three stainless steel collapsible/removable wire mesh shelves, 8"W x 19"D
  • Safety glass door with magnetic seal that accommodates a user-supplied padlock or optional tamper-evident tag
  • Epoxy-coated steel exterior
  • Storage area, 36"W x 26.5"D x 12"H with door and 14-quart plastic bucket
  • 2" diameter locking casters
  • Inlet and exhaust roughing prefilters with MERV 11 rating
  • Exhaust HEPA filter, 99.99% efficient on particles 0.3 micron
  • Activated organic vapor carbon filter, 7.5 lbs. porous coconut shell media
  • Built-in 75 watt blower with solid state control rated for 5 amps
  • Red filter system alarm light to alert operator to low airflow conditions
  • Three-position switch
  • 96"power cord and plug

Dimensions: 36"W x 28"D x 79"H

Protector® Evidence Drying Cabinets

Cat.No. Brand Name Voltage Plug Type EA   Certified
1195-3400000 Protector® Evidence Drying Cabinet 115V Domestic $8205.00
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1195-3400001 Protector® Evidence Drying Cabinet 230V North America $8205.00
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1195-3400002 Protector® Evidence Drying Cabinet 230V British (UK) $8205.00
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1195-3400003 Protector® Evidence Drying Cabinet 230V Schuko $8205.00
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1195-3400004 Protector® Evidence Drying Cabinet 230V China/Australia $8205.00
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  • Exhaust Connection Kit allows the cabinet to be connected to house exhaust or other exhaust system. Includes dry powder epoxy-coated steel connector with 5" diameter collar, 14" of 5" diameter flexible duct, and 2 clamps.
  • Hanging Plastic Clips allow small articles to be hung from the cabinet's hanger rod or shelf.
  • White Paper Liners are precut to fit the floor of the cabinet to collect material that may fall from evidence. Paper is polyethylene coated on one side.
  • Tamper-evident Security Tags irreversibly indicate if the cabinet door has been opened during the drying cycle.
  • Starter Kit includes six Inlet Prefilters, 6 Exhaust Prefilters, 10 each of Hanging Clips, Security Tags and Paper Liners and one 32oz. bottle of Germicidal Cleaner.
  • Exhaust and Inlet Prefilters are made of polyster to trap larger particulates in air exhausted from the cabinet to extend the life of the exhaust HEPA filter. MERV 11 rating. Precut, package of 6.
  • Organic Vapor Carbon Filter contains 7.5 pounds of activated carbon and is suitable for vapors from organic solvents.
Cat.No. Brand Name EA   Certified
1195-3869600 Protector® Exhaust Connection Kit $320.00
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1195-3869500 Protector® Hanging Clips $67.75
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1195-3894200 Protector® Paper Liners $405.00
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1195-3869800 Protector® Paper Liners $113.00
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1195-3902400 Protector® Security Tags $152.00
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1195-3869900 Protector® Starter Kit $395.00
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1195-3872700 Protector® Exhaust Prefilter $131.00
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1195-3872600 Protector® Inlet Prefilter $131.00
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1195-6938200 Protector® Carbon Filter - Organic Vapor $350.00
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