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Delphi-X Inverso Inverted Microscope

By Globe Scientific
Delphi-X Inverso Inverted Microscope

The Delphi-X Inverso is the ultimate inverted microscope designed to meet the demands of professionals working with living cell cultures and stained samples. This exceptional instrument is available in two configurations, catering to specific applications:

Phase Contrast plus DIC (Differential Interference Contrast) Equipment: This configuration provides enhanced contrast and enables detailed imaging of challenging samples, such as transparent or low-contrast specimens. It empowers you to observe living cells and tissues with exceptional clarity and precision.

Fluorescence Application: For those working with fluorescently labeled samples, the Delphi-X Inverso offers a dedicated configuration that optimizes fluorescence imaging capabilities. Unlock the full potential of molecular interactions and cellular processes with this advanced fluorescence setup.


  • Super Contrast Semi-Apochromatic Objectives with Collar Adjustment Ring: This innovative feature ensures perfect observation of cells or tissues in 1.2mm thick Petri dishes or flasks, providing accurate and detailed imaging.
  • Observation of Tissue Cultures and Living Cells: This microscope is specifically designed for observing tissue cultures and living cells. Whether you're conducting cell biology research, investigating cellular behavior, or examining dynamic processes, the Delphi-X Inverso delivers exceptional performance.
  • Brightfield and Phase Contrast Imaging: Benefit from both brightfield and phase contrast imaging techniques with this versatile instrument. Capture clear, high-resolution images in brightfield mode or enhance contrast and visibility of transparent samples using phase contrast.
  • Long Working Distance IOS Plan Semi-Apochromatic Objectives: The long working distance Infinity-Corrected Objective Systems (IOS) with plan semi-apochromatic optics allow you to observe samples even when using large containers, such as Petri dishes or flasks. This feature provides ample space for manipulating samples and conducting experiments.
  • 5W LED Illumination: Experience uniform and efficient illumination with the 5W LED system. This lighting solution ensures bright and consistent illumination, enabling you to visualize your samples with exceptional clarity.
  • Easy Placement of Large Objects: The Delphi-X Inverso is designed to accommodate large objects with ease, facilitating effortless placement of Petri dishes, flasks, or other bulky specimens. This user-friendly feature enhances convenience and efficiency in your laboratory workflow.
  • DIC (Differential Interference Contrast): The inclusion of DIC capabilities enables advanced imaging of transparent or low-contrast samples. This technique provides enhanced detail and visualization, allowing you to explore subtle structural variations within your specimens.
  • Revolving Sextuple Nosepiece: Easily switch between multiple objective lenses with the revolving sextuple nosepiece. This feature enables quick and precise magnification adjustments to suit your research needs.
  • Backwards Tilting Condenser Arm: The condenser arm can be tilted backwards, providing easy access and facilitating quick sample changes or adjustments. This ergonomic design feature enhances user comfort and efficiency during microscopy sessions.
  • CE Certified with 10-Year Warranty: The Delphi-X Inverso is CE certified, ensuring compliance with international safety and quality standards. Additionally, it comes with a 10-year warranty, providing you with peace of mind and long-term support.
Cat.No. Name EA    
119-EDI-1053-PLPHFI Trinocular Delphi-X Inverso inverted microscope with WF10x/25mm eyepieces $31271.83
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