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BioBlue Series Compound Microscopes

By Globe Scientific
BioBlue Series Compound Microscopes

BioBlue compound microscopes are designed specifically for educational use, prioritizing ergonomics and adhering to today's quality standards. These microscopes deliver clear and vivid images at every level of magnification. Equipped with secure eyepieces and an adjustable rack stop, they ensure the safety of both samples and objectives.

The BioBlue models feature DIN WF 10x/18 eyepieces and semi plan achromatic corrected 45mm DIN objectives, guaranteeing sharp and high-resolution images. Even when changing the magnification, the image remains perfectly focused and centered. With a 130 x 130mm stage and a double-layered 70 x 28mm X-Y mechanical stage, precise positioning of specimens with a 2µm accuracy is made possible.

Included in the EBB-4253-DC18 microscope bundle is the CMEX-18 pro digital camera, offering exceptional imaging capabilities.


  • WF 10x/18mm Eyepiece(s): Enjoy clear and detailed observations with the high-quality eyepieces, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience.
  • Binocular and Trinocular Models: Choose between binocular or trinocular models based on your preference and requirement for collaborative work or documentation.
  • Integrated 7-inch LCD Screen: The model with an integrated LCD screen provides convenient viewing and eliminates the need for additional external devices.
  • Integrated X-Y Mechanical Stage: Effortlessly position your specimens with the integrated X-Y mechanical stage, allowing precise and controlled movement.
  • Height Adjustable Abbe Condenser with Iris Diaphragm and Filter Holder: Achieve optimal illumination and contrast control with the height-adjustable Abbe condenser, iris diaphragm, and filter holder.
  • LED Models with Rechargeable AA Batteries and Integrated Power Supply: Experience flexibility and portability with LED models that come equipped with rechargeable AA batteries and an integrated power supply.
  • Reversed Nosepiece for Four Semi Plan Objectives: Easily switch between different objectives using the reversed nosepiece, enabling seamless transitions during observation.
  • Coaxial Coarse and Fine Adjustments with Rack Stop: Achieve precise focusing and control with the coaxial coarse and fine adjustments, ensuring accurate and smooth image manipulation. The rack stop prevents damage to samples and objectives.
  • 1W NeoLED Illumination for Increased Light Output: Binocular and trinocular models are supplied with 1W NeoLED illumination, providing enhanced brightness and clarity for your observations.
  • Ergonomic Stand: Work comfortably and efficiently with the ergonomic stand, designed to reduce strain and promote ergonomic posture during extended usage.
  • APL (Antimicrobial Protection Layer): Ensure a hygienic and safe environment with the provided Antimicrobial Protection Layer, minimizing the risk of contamination.
  • CE Certified: Rest assured knowing these microscopes meet the stringent quality and safety standards of CE certification.
  • 10-Year Warranty: Provides you with peace of mind and long-term support for your investment.
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119-EBB-4260 BioBlue binocular microscope SMP, 4/10/S40/S100x objectives with mechanical stage $801.34
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119-EBB-4220-LCD BioBlue microscope with 7 inch LCD screen, SMP 4/10/S40 objectives with mechanical stage $878.59
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119-EBB-4253 BioBlue trinocular microscope SMP, 4/10/S40/S100x oil objectives with mechanical stage $915.67
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119-EBB-4253-DC18 BioBlue trinocular microscope SMP, 4/10/S40/S100x oil objectives with camera $1867.39
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