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Passive Air Sampling Kits

By Restek
Passive Air Sampling Kits

  • Provide accurate integrated sampling without a sampling pump.
  • Siltek® treated components ensure accurate sampling of active components.
  • Excellent for sampling times from 0.5 hour to 125 hours.

Restek’s passive air sampling kit incorporates all the hardware necessary to collect air samples, and is easy to assemble for field sampling. The improved filter design greatly reduces the number of potential leak sites.
The passive air sampling kit is available in seven sampling flow ranges, and in stainless steel or Siltek® treated finish. The stainless steel kit is ideal to partner with the Restek TO-Can® air sampling canister for TO-14A and TO-15 methods. Use the Siltek® treated version with the Restek SilcoCan® air sampling canister when collecting low-level volatile sulfur compounds, or other active compounds.

1. Veriflo® SC423XL flow controller
This flow controller is the heart of the sampling train. It is a high-quality device designed to maintain a constant mass flow as the pressure changes from -30" Hg to 7" Hg (we recommend you stop sampling at or before 7" Hg of vacuum). All wetted parts of the flow controller can be Siltek® treated.

2. Stainless steel vacuum gauge, 1/8" NPT
Fitted to the flow controller, the gauge monitors canister vacuum change during sampling.

3. 1/4-inch Siltek® sample inlet
The 0.3 m x 1/4-inch tubing includes a stainless steel nut on the inlet end, to prevent water droplets from accumulating at the edge of the tubing, where they could be pulled into the sampling train.

4. 2-micron frit filter and washer
Located prior to the critical orifice to prevent airborne particles from clogging the critical orifice. Replaceable. Available in stainless steel, or Siltek® treated for optimum inertness.

5. Interchangeable critical orifice
An interchangeable ruby critical orifice allows you to control the flow with very high precision.

Note: All fitting connections are 1/4" tube, except where noted.

Cat.No. Flow Capacity Orifice Size Material
226-24217 0.5–2 mL/min. 0.0008" Siltek® Treated
226-24160 2–4 mL/min. 0.0012" Siltek® Treated
226-24161 4–8 mL/min. 0.0016" Siltek® Treated
226-24162 8–15 mL/min. 0.0020" Siltek® Treated
226-24163 15–30 mL/min. 0.0030" Siltek® Treated
226-24164 30–80 mL/min. 0.0060" Siltek® Treated
226-24216 0.5–2 mL/min. 0.0008" Stainless Steel
226-24165 2–4 mL/min. 0.0012" Stainless Steel
226-24166 4–8 mL/min. 0.0016" Stainless Steel
226-24167 8–15 mL/min. 0.0020" Stainless Steel
226-24168 15–30 mL/min. 0.0030" Stainless Steel
226-24169 30–80 mL/min. 0.0060" Stainless Steel

Cat.No. EA    
226-24160 $1200.00
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226-24161 $1200.00
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226-24162 $1200.00
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226-24163 $1200.00
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226-24164 $1200.00
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226-24165 $1000.00
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226-24166 $1000.00
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226-24167 $1000.00
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226-24168 $1000.00
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226-24216 $1100.00
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226-24217 $1200.00
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