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Brew Plate™ Funkadelic Quad Plates, Bulk Sleeve

By Bioplast Manufacturing


Brew Plate™ Funkadelic Quad Plates, Bulk Sleeve

Brew Plate Bulk Sleeves consist of 25 plates that allow the brewer to detect a wide scope of microbes known to cause contamination during the brewing process. Each plate provides sections with various media to detect common wild yeast, aerobic (lives with oxygen), and anaerobic bacteria (lives without oxygen). If contamination is detected, samples or plates can be sent to the Brew Plate Laboratory for microbial identification. Each bulk sleeve purchase comes with one free sequence identification.

The Funkadelic Quad Plates are used for the detection of all yeasts and bacteria found in your funky brew. Each quadrant is made up of different media that detects various species.

Quadrant 1: Wallerstein Nutrient Media (WLN) is non-selective and detects all wild yeast, pitching yeast and some bacterial strains that are common in brew.

Quadrant 2: Lee's Multi-Differential Agar (LMDA) detects lactic acid producting bacteria including Lactobacillus and Acetobacter species. Acid producers are easily detected by a change in the media color from green to yellow.

Quadrant 3: Hsu's Lactobacillus/Pedioccocus Agar (HLP) detects Lactobacillus and Pediococcus bacteria. For optimal growth, an anaerobic gas generator sachet should be used during incubation.

Quadrant 4: Lin's Cupric Sulfate Media (LCSM) detects non-Saccharomyces wild yeast and inhibits the growth of brewer's yeast.

Cat.No. Name EA   Certified
97-BREWPLT-BULK-FNQP Brew Plate™ Funkadelic Quad Plates - WLN, LMDA, HLP, and LCSM, bulk sleeve of 25 plates $76.00
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