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Barnstead™ Classic Stills

By Thermo
Barnstead™ Classic Stills

Barnstead™ Classic Stills effectively remove inorganic solids, organics, bacteria, and pyrogens.The Classic Still was originally designed for durability and consistent quality over 100 years ago, and has withstood all the tests of time. They can be bench or floor mounted depending upon model. Choose from five production capacities (0.5, 1, 2, 5 and 10 GPH). The stills are constructed of copper and bronze with a coating of pure tin. The metal construction is built to withstand years of use and the tin's inert nature prevents any leaching of contaminants into the water. A low water cut-off prevents still burn-out in the event of feedwater interruption. Floor Model and Steam Stills cease operation when storage tank is full, and restart when water level falls below preset level. These stills also drain the still boiler at selected 2-, 4-, 8-, and 16-hour intervals to reduce scale formation.

All Classic Stills Feature:

  • Feedwater preheated in condenser conserves energy
  • Double-walled boiler conserves electricity
  • Vented condenser allows for stripping of gaseous impurities
  • Unique deconcentrator removes scale forming impurities from the boiler
  • Q-Baffle® ensures high quality pyrogen free product water by stripping contaminant laden water droplets from steam
  • Space-saving horizontal condenser

Economical Electrical Portable Still:

  • Produces high quality distilled water at the rate of .5 GPH
  • Ideal for educational and other labs with moderate pure water requirements
  • Requires no permanent plumbing or electrical connections, and can be set up for operation in minutes

Floor Model Electric Stills:

  • Operates on a wide variety of electrical services
  • Capacities range from 1, 2, 5 & 10 GPH
  • Many options are available which include fully automatic controls
  • All stills require 2 separate input power supplies; 120V supply for low water cut-off and rated voltage for contactor and heating elements
  • Come standard with floor mounting stand; plug-and-play hardware allows for easier installation
  • Overtemperature protection system for system safety

Steam Still:

  • Utilizes available in-house steam as heat source.
  • Bench, floor, or wall mounted.
  • Optional fully automatic controls allow for unattended operation
  • Steam pressure: 35 to 50psi
  • Boiler horsepower: 3.5
  • Steam flowrate: 90 lb./hr. (41kg/hr.)

Storage Reservoirs are required and must be purchased separately.

Barnstead™ Classic Stills

Cat.No. Name Voltage EA   Certified
50-A1007 Portable Electric Classic Still, 0.5 GPH 120V $3439.00
Add To Favorites
50-A1011-A Electric Classic Still with Floor Stand, 1 GPH 120V Discontinued Add To Favorites
50-A1011-B-61 Floor Electric Classic Still with Stand, 1 GPH 240V Discontinued Add To Favorites
50-A1013-B-61 Floor Electric Classic Still with Stand, 2 GPH 240V $9498.00
Add To Favorites
50-A1013-C Floor Electric Classic Still with Stand, 2 GPH 208V $9650.00
Add To Favorites
50-A1015-B-61 Floor Electric Classic Still with Stand, 5 GPH 240V $15019.00
Add To Favorites
50-A1015-C Floor Electric Classic Still with Stand, 5 GPH 208V $15019.00
Add To Favorites
50-A1016-D Floor Electric Classic Still with Stand, 10 GPH 240V Discontinued Add To Favorites
50-A1213 Steam Classic Still, 10 GPH   Discontinued Add To Favorites

Storage Tanks

Storage Tanks are crafted from copper and hand-wired from pure tin to ensure purity of distilled water. All tanks include a removable cover, water level sight glass, and a tin-coated draw-off faucet with serrated hose nipple. Connections provide for optional accessories including pumps and fully-automated controls. Floor stand or wall bracket required for proper installation.

Cat.No. Name Addl. Info. EA   Certified
50-B3043 Storage Tank, 10 gallon 43 x 26 x 74cm (W x D x H) Discontinued Add To Favorites
50-B3045 Storage Tank, 25 gallon 64 x 46 x 74cm $0.00
Add To Favorites
50-B3046 Storage Tank, 50 gallon 71 x 56 x 91cm Discontinued Add To Favorites
50-B3047 Storage Tank, 100 gallon 89 x 74 x 110cm Discontinued Add To Favorites
50-B3049 Storage Tank, 200 gallon 114 x 96 x 128cm Discontinued Add To Favorites

Stands, Pumps, and Accessories

Cat.No. Name EA   Certified
50-H1000 Floor Stand, for 10 Gallon Reservoir Discontinued Add To Favorites
50-H1001 Floor Stand, for 25 Gallon Reservoir $965.00
Add To Favorites
50-H1002 Floor Stand, for 50 Gallon Reservoir Discontinued Add To Favorites
50-H1003 Floor Stand, for 100 Gallon Reservoir Discontinued Add To Favorites
50-H3230 Floor Stand, for 200 Gallon Reservoir Discontinued Add To Favorites
50-H3240 Wall Bracket, for 10 Gallon Reservoir $813.00
Add To Favorites
50-H3242 Wall Bracket, for 25 Gallon Reservoir Discontinued Add To Favorites
50-H4005 UV Light Assembly $1366.00
Add To Favorites
50-H1110 Distribution Pump, 1/3hp Motor $3793.00
Add To Favorites
50-H1120 Distribution Pump, 1/2hp Motor $5685.00
Add To Favorites
50-H1130 Distribution Pump, 1hp Motor $7161.00
Add To Favorites
50-H1140 Distribution Pump, 1 to 1/2hp Motor $0.00
Add To Favorites
50-H3111 Ventgard Air Filter and Water Seal $837.00
Add To Favorites
50-H3120 Ventgard Air Filter $309.00
Add To Favorites
50-H3130 Replacement Water Seal $682.00
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