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Eppendorf Reference® Fixed-Volume Pipettes

By Eppendorf

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Eppendorf Reference® Fixed-Volume Pipettes

The Eppendorf Reference® Series 2000 Pipette offers accuracy, a smooth stroke, a compact and robust design, and superior operating comfort. Its single, multifunctional button is used to operate the measuring stroke and blow-out as well as eject the tip. Pipettes are available for the range from 1µL to 2,500µL.


  • Eppendorf "pipette/tip" system ensures utmost accuracy and precision
  • Ejection sleeve can be removed to fit into smaller vessels
  • Smooth-running piston is corrosion-free and chemically resistant
  • UV-resistant and completely autoclavable without any impairment of accuracy or precision
  • Individual factory calibration results (% inaccuracy and imprecision) supplied with each pipette
  • User calibratable
  • Three-year warranty

Gray Control Button for 20µL Pipette Tips or GELoader® Tip

Cat.No. Brand Volume Accuracy Precision Tip Size EA    
38-022470400 Reference® 1µL ±2.5% ≤1.8% 20µL DISCONTINUED  
38-022470451 Reference® 2µL ±2.0% ≤1.2% 20µL DISCONTINUED  
38-022470507 Reference® 5µL ±1.5% ≤0.8% 20µL DISCONTINUED  
38-022470558 Reference® 10µL ±1.0% ≤0.5% 20µL DISCONTINUED  

Yellow Control Button for 200µL Pipette Tips

Cat.No. Brand Volume Accuracy Precision Tip Size EA    
38-022470655 Reference® 15µL ±1.0% ≤0.5% 200µL DISCONTINUED  
38-022470752 Reference® 20µL ±0.8% ≤0.3% 200µL DISCONTINUED  
38-022470809 Reference® 25µL ±0.8% ≤0.3% 200µL DISCONTINUED  
38-022470850 Reference® 30µL ±0.8% ≤0.3% 200µL DISCONTINUED  
38-022470906 Reference® 40µL ±0.8% ≤0.3% 200µL DISCONTINUED  
38-022470957 Reference® 50µL ±0.7% ≤0.3% 200µL DISCONTINUED  
38-022471007 Reference® 75µL ±0.7% ≤0.3% 200µL DISCONTINUED  
38-022471104 Reference® 90µL ±0.7% ≤0.3% 200µL DISCONTINUED  
38-022471155 Reference® 100µL ±0.6% ≤0.2% 200µL DISCONTINUED  
38-022471171 Reference® 125µL ±0.6% ≤0.2% 200µL DISCONTINUED  
38-022471201 Reference® 150µL ±0.6% ≤0.2% 200µL DISCONTINUED  

Blue Control Button for 1,000µL Pipette Tips

Cat.No. Brand Volume Accuracy Precision Tip Size EA    
38-022471252 Reference® 200µL ±0.6% ≤0.2% 1000µL DISCONTINUED  
38-022471309 Reference® 250µL ±0.6% ≤0.2% 1000µL DISCONTINUED  
38-022471406 Reference® 400µL ±0.6% ≤0.2% 1000µL DISCONTINUED  
38-022471431 Reference® 450µL ±0.6% ≤0.2% 1000µL DISCONTINUED  
38-022471457 Reference® 500µL ±0.6% ≤0.2% 1000µL DISCONTINUED  
38-022471503 Reference® 750µL ±0.6% ≤0.2% 1000µL DISCONTINUED  
38-022471554 Reference® 800µL ±0.6% ≤0.2% 1000µL DISCONTINUED  
38-022471601 Reference® 900µL ±0.6% ≤0.2% 1000µL DISCONTINUED  
38-022471651 Reference® 1000µL ±0.6% ≤0.2% 1000µL DISCONTINUED  

Red Control Button for 2.5mL Pipette Tips

Cat.No. Brand Volume Accuracy Precision Tip Size EA    
38-022471708 Reference® 1500µL ±0.6% ≤0.2% 2.5mL DISCONTINUED  
38-022471759 Reference® 2000µL ±0.6% ≤0.2% 2.5mL DISCONTINUED  
38-022471805 Reference® 2500µL ±0.6% ≤0.2% 2.5mL DISCONTINUED  

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