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Transferpette® -8/-12 Electronic Multichannel Pipettes, a Krackeler Value Brand

By Brandtech

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NEW Pipette Calibration Services!

Transferpette® -8/-12 Electronic Multichannel Pipettes, a Krackeler Value Brand

The new Transferpette® -8/-12 electronic multichannel pipettes automate a wide variety of tasks for PCR, ELISA, cell culture, and more. Available in both 8- and 12-channel models, these microprocessor-controlled pipettes improve upon the innovation of Transferpette® mechanical pipettes with the convenience, speed, and accuracy of motorized pipettes. The result is an accurate, ergonomic instrument that simplifies most lab applications. These pipettes are available in a variety of volume ranges from 2µL to 300µL and feature autoclavable manifolds for sterile applications. Single channel versions of the Transferpette® -8/-12 electronic multichannel pipettes are also available.


  • The Transferpette® -8/-12 electronic uses its microprocessor and motor to automate piston movement to reduce the imprecision and inaccuracy caused by variations in user pipetting technique.
  • Distinctive "v-rings" on tip cones reduce tip-mounting and ejection forces and ensure the pipettes' compatibility with virtually all brands of universal tip, including new flexible tips and filter tips.
  • This pipette includes five operating modes to help improve productivity and increase sample throughput: standard pipetting, sample mixing, reverse pipetting, dispensing, and gel loading.
  • Transferpette® -8/-12 electronic multichannel pipettes feature an easily removable manifold that is autoclavable for sterile applications. Autoclaving only the manifold protects instrument calibration and takes up less space in your autoclave.
  • The tip cones of the improved Transferpette® -8/-12 electronic may be removed and replaced individually for cleaning and repair in the lab. Compatible with most major brands and types of tips, including new flexible tips and filter tips.
  • Minimizes Pipetting Strain: The soft-touch pipetting key, adjustable finger-rest, and innovative tip cone minimize tip-mounting, operation, and tip-ejection forces.

Pipettes are supplied with battery, power supply unit, pipette stand, Tip Box SL filled with PLASTIBRAND® pipette tips, two tip refills, reagent reservoir, certificate of calibration, operating manual, and one-year manufacturer's warranty.

Cat.No. Brand Name Number of Channels Volume Range Increments Accuracy Precision EA    
478-2705400 Transferpette® 8 0.5-10µL 0.02µL ≤±1.2% ≤0.8% $1192.10
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478-2705402 Transferpette® 8 1-20µL 0.02µL ≤±1.0% ≤0.5% $1192.10
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478-2705408 Transferpette® 8 5-100µL 0.2µL ≤±0.8% ≤0.25% $1192.10
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478-2705410 Transferpette® 8 10-200µL 0.2µL ≤±0.8% ≤0.25% $1192.10
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478-2705412 Transferpette® 8 15-300µL 0.2µL ≤±0.6% ≤0.25% $1192.10
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478-2705420 Transferpette® 12 0.5-10µL 0.02µL ≤±1.2% ≤0.8% $1426.10
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478-2705422 Transferpette® 12 1-20µL 0.02µL ≤±1.0% ≤0.5% $1426.10
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478-2705428 Transferpette® 12 5-100µL 0.2µL ≤±0.8% ≤0.25% $1426.10
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478-2705430 Transferpette® 12 10-200µL 0.2µL ≤±0.8% ≤0.25% $1426.10
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478-2705432 Transferpette® 12 15-300µL 0.2µL ≤±0.6% ≤0.25% $1426.10
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