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PhoenIX™ Gigaprep Kit

By MP Biomedicals
PhoenIX™ Gigaprep Kit

The PhoenIX™ Gigaprep Kit is similar to the Midiprep kit but of larger capacity. It provides vacuum-driven ion exchange purification of ≤ 10 mg plasmid DNA from 2.5 - 5.0 L of E. coli cells.

PhoenIX plasmid purification systems from Qbiogene rely on ion-exchange chromatography through a unique, patented solid-phase column. Precisely balanced pH values and salt concentrations permit optimal purification of highly clean plasmid DNA from the unique ion-exchange resin. Unlike resins found in other ion-exchange kits, PhoenIX columns are distinct: First, the smaller pore size of the resin particles increases the surface area available for binding. Second, the spacer molecule linking the positively charged amino group to the resin particles is longer than in other resins, allowing a better degree of separation between different biomolecules during the binding and washing process.

The PhoenIX Gigaprep Kit is driven by vacuum and offers lysate clearing via a filtration cartridge. The PhoenIX Midiprep Kit and PhoenIX Maxiprep Kit rely on centrifugation to clear the bacterial lysate, and on gravity to pull liquids through the column material.

Plasmid DNA purified with PhoenIX columns can be used immediately in a wide variety of downstream applications including automated fluorescent sequencing, enzymatic amplification, labeling, transcription, cloning and other enzymatic manipulations. Additionally, the levels of endotoxin that remain after purification are so low that successful transfection will occur with even sensitive cell lines.

  • Patented ion exchange resin and optimized buffer system offers:
    • Increased binding capacity for higher yield
    • Superior separation of unwanted molecules during wash step
    • Elution of ultrapure plasmid equal to two passes through CsCl
    • Consistent, reproducible results from column to column
    • Purification of constructs up to 150 kb
    • Safe procedure with no hazardous materials
  • Low endotoxin levels allow transfection without additional purification
  • Pre-packed columns flow at a consistent, even rate with no clogging
  • Low price and flexibility add value to lab budgets and procedures

Each of the 5 preps in the PhoenIX Gigaprep Kit provides 10 mg of ultrapure plasmid DNA from 2.5 - 5.0 L of bacterial culture. Cleared bacterial lysate is prepared by vacuum filtration and loaded onto the PhoenIX Giga Column for rapid vacuum-driven purification.

Kit Components: RNase A, Cell Resuspension Buffer, Lysis Buffer, Neutralization Buffer, Lysate Filtration Cartridges, PhoenIX Giga Columns, Equilibration Buffer, Column Wash Buffer, Elution Buffer.

Cat.No. Name Size EA    
17-2075-400 PhoenIX Gigaprep Kit 5 preps DISCONTINUED  

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