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Jeio Tech Incubated Table-Top Shakers

By Jeio Tech
Jeio Tech Incubated Table-Top Shakers

JeioTech Shaking Incubators combine a benchtop incubator/refrigerator with a dual-action shaker. These units produce orbital motion (forward, backward and pause) or reciprocation motion (optional) with a 30mm amplitude and feature a speed range between 10 and 300 rpm to accomodate a large variety of applications. Temperature control range is ambient + 5.0° to 60.0°C, or, for Models SI-300R and SI 600R, + 15.0°C to 60.0°C) both with temperature uniformity and accuracy of ±0.1°C at 38°C.

These Shaking Incubators come with a brushless DC motor for long, maintenance-free use. High-velocity fans ensure rapid thermal recovery and excellent variation. A gas spring door and lid guards against sudden closures, and the acrylic lid and inner lamp functions allow easy observation of flask contents. The attached fluorescent lamp offers bright observation in a chamber.

Additional features:

  • Digital PID microprocessor controller
  • Patented CLS (Custom Logical Safe) System
  • Auto tuning and bias function (internal sensor calibration)
  • 999hr. 54min. temperature timer with time delay ON-OFF
  • Door & over temperature alarms
  • Programmable motion - clockwise, counterclockwise and pause
  • RS232 interface available
  • Optional : Universal platform, spring wire rack, test tube rack, rubber mat
Model SI-300 SI-300R SI-600 SI-600R
Temperature Range (±°C/°F) Amb. +5 to 60 (Amb. +9 to 140) for SI-300, 600 / Amb. +15 to 60 (+59 to 140) for SI-300R, 600R
Fluctuation at 25°C (±°C/°F) 0.3 / 0.54 0.6 / 1.08 0.1 / 0.18 0.2 / 0.36
Variation at 37°C (±°C/°F) 1.6 / 2.88 1.5 / 2.7 0.7 / 1.26 0.3 / 0.54
Refrigerator N/A 1/8 HBP (220/230V) N/A 1/8 HBP (220/230V)
1/6 HBP (100/120V) 1/6 HBP (100/120V)
Shaking System Motion Type Orbital or Reciprocating motion selectable
Frequency 10 to 300 rpm
Timer Run time: 10 sec to 999 hr 59 min 59sec / Forward & Backward, Pause: 10 sec to 59 min 50 sec
Orbit Size 20, 30, 40mm / 0.8, 1.2, 1.6" Available - Standard 30 / 1.2
Recip. Stroke/Length 20, 30, 40mm / 0.8, 1.2, 1.6" Available - Standard 30 / 1.2
Dimensions Volume 53L 83L
Platform 350 x 350mm 450 x 450mm
Internal 410 x 410 x 320mm 510 x 510 x 320mm
Overall 442 x 740 x 622mm 540 x 850 x 625mm

Cat.No. Name Voltage EA   Certified
6037-AAH23106U SI-300 Shaking Incubator 120V,
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6037-AAH23113U SI-300R Shaking Incubator 120V,
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6037-AAH23112K SI-300R Shaking Incubator 230V,
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6037-AAH23206U SI-600 Shaking Incubator 120V,
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6037-AAH23213U SI-600R Shaking Incubator 120V,
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6037-AAH23212K SI-600R Shaking Incubator 230V,
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6037-AAH23211K SI-600R Shaking Incubator 230V,
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