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HistoChoice® Tissue Fixative

By Amresco
HistoChoice® Tissue Fixative

Amresco's HistoChoice® Tissue Fixative in pre-filled cups is a safe, convenient solution to on-site tissue collection and transport. The wide mouth, pre-labeled cups are ideal for use in doctors' offices, operating rooms, emergency room and outpatient clinics.

HistoChoice® Tissue Fixative directly replaces common fixatives, including formalin-based, alcohol-based, Zenker's, B5, and Bouin's fixatives. Additionally, it can also be used in sequence with other fixative. The preservative characteristics of HistoChoice® Tissue Fixative make it more effective than standard formaldehyde-based products. It yields vibrant staining characteristics and consistent results, even after long-term fixation. The versatility of HistoChoice® Tissue Fixative makes it optimal for use in histopathology, cytology, histochemistry, immunohistochemistry and molecular pathology. It preserves tissue integrity, eliminating the need for marker recover procedures.

HistoChoice® Tissue Fixative is economical to use as it does not require additional reagents for recovery procedures as do formalin-based fixative. It also eliminates the need for expensive ventilation systems and reduces disposal costs. Compatible with manual and automated processing procedures and equipment.

  • No crosslinking of tissues as with formalin-based fixatives
  • Minimizes disposal and compliance costs
  • Available with or without alcohol
  • Safe, non-toxic fixative- contains no formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde or mercury

HistoChoice® Tissue Fixative, Without Alcohol

Storage Condition: ROOM TEMPERATURE

Appearance (P/F) Pass
Conductivity 13000 - 17000 umhos
pH @ 25°C 2.5 - 3.5

Cat.No. Size Grade EA   Certified
1328-H108-20L 20L Histology DISCONTINUED  
1328-H108-30ML 30mL Histology DISCONTINUED  
1328-H108-60ML 60mL Histology DISCONTINUED  

HistoChoice® Tissue Fixative, With 18% Alcohol

Storage Condition: ROOM TEMPERATURE

Risk Statements: 36/37/38-7

Safety Statements: 36/37/39-15

Hazard Code: irritant, combustible

Abs. @ 200-360nm (10%, Water) Report
Appearance (P/F) Pass
Lambda Max @ 200-360nm (10%, Water) 293 - 299nm
pH @ 25°C 5.0 - 6.5
Reassay Date Report
Water Content (KF) 78 - 86%

Cat.No. Size Grade EA   Certified
1328-H112-15ML 15mL Histology DISCONTINUED  
1328-H112-30ML 30mL Histology DISCONTINUED  
1328-H112-90ML 90mL Histology DISCONTINUED  

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