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Eppendorf Advantage Promotions

By Eppendorf
Eppendorf Advantage Promotions
The Eppendorf Advantage Program offers a variety of promotions on some of the most popular products!


To order, add 38-PROMOTION to your cart and then please specify the part # of the items you wish to purchase in the comment section.


Promotions are valid through June 30, 2020.


Liquid Handling Starter Packs, Save 27% 



  • Save up to 27% on this specially designed pipetting package including 4 single-channel pipettes (Research plus or Reference® 2), a Repeater® M4, and Easypet® 3
  • Repeater M4 (a $620 value), Easypet 3 (a $502 value), Pipette Carousel 2 (a $161 value), and Repeater M4 holder (a $55 value) are included in the delivery package together with the 4-pack of single-channel pipettes

The package includes 4 air cushion pipettes for volume ranges from 0.5µL to 1mL. Also included is the Easypet 3 to simplify applications requiring large pipetting volumes from 1 to 50mL. The included Repeater M4 speeds up dispensing series with up to 100 dispenses from a single aspiration.


Ordering Information


  Research plus   Reference 2  
Description Cat. No. Promo Price Cat. No. Promo Price
Liquid Handling Starter packages include 4 single-channel adjustable volume pipettes, 1 full box of Eppendorf epT.I.P.S. for each pipette, Repeater M4, Easypet 3, Pipette Carousel 2, and a Pipette Holder 2 for the Repeater M4
0.1–2.5, 0.5–10, 10–100, and 100–1,000µL 38-2231000601 $1,965 38-2231000604 $2,050
0.1–2.5, 2–20, 20–200, and 100–1,000µL 38-2231000602 $1,965 38-2231000605 $2,050
0.5–10, 2–20, 20–200, and 100–1,000µL 38-2231000603 $1,965 38-2231000606 $2,050


Xplorer® Electronic Pipettes, Save up to 30%



  • Save 27% on Xplorer single-channel electronic pipettes
  • Save 30% on Xplorer multichannel electronic pipettes

The highly precise motor control of the Xplorer pipettes provide the utmost in accuracy and reproducibility, helping improve the consistency of results for experiments like PCR, qPCR, and NextGen sequencing. The at a-glance parameter screen, selection dial, and "up is up, down is down" control button make programming and operating electronic pipettes simple, intuitive, and less prone to errors.


Ordering Information


Description Cat. No. Promo Price You Save
Xplorer single-channel pipettes
0.5–10µL, medium gray 38-2231000641 $610 27%
1-20µL, gray 38-2231000675 $610 27%
5-100µL, yellow 38-2231000642 $610 27%
10-200µL, yellow 38-2231000676 $610 27%
15-300µL, orange 38-2231000643 $610 27%
50-1,000µL, blue 38-2231000644 $610 27%
0.1-2.5mL, red 38-2231000677 $610 27%
0.2–5mL, violet 38-2231000645 $610 27%
0.5–10mL, turquoise 38-2231000646 $610 27%
Xplorer 8- or 12-channel pipettes
0.5–10µL, medium gray, 8-channel 38-2231000647 $995 30%
0.5–10µL, medium gray, 12-channel 38-2231000648 $1,220 30%
5–100µL, yellow, 8-channel 38-2231000649 $995 30%
5–100µL, yellow, 12-channel 38-2231000650 $1,220 30%
15–300µL, orange, 8-channel 38-2231000651 $995 30%
15–300µL, orange, 12-channel 38-2231000652 $1,220 30%
50–1,200µL, green, 8-channel 38-2231000653 $995 30%
50–1,200µL, green, 12-channel 38-2231000654 $1,220 30%


Centrifuge 5910 R Cell Culture Bundle, Save 20%



  • Special bundle savings on the purchase of a 5910 R cell culture package (a $2,451 value)
  • Set of 4 aerosol-tight caps include (a $720 value)
  • Purchase a 5910 R cell culture package and get 40% off a second rotor (up to a $2,158 value)

The versatile refrigerated Centrifuge 5910 R is setting the next benchmark for benchtop centrifuges. Featuring a powerful state-of-the-art refrigeration system to keep your samples safe, a modern operating system for ease of use, very low noise levels for a quiet work environment, it has the versatility to fit the needs of most research labs. Its comprehensive portfolio of fixed-angle and swing-bucket rotors was designed to accommodate a particularly broad spectrum of applications. Cell harvests in bottles of capacities up to 1000mL, large-scale DNA and RNA isolations as well as Ficoll® gradients for the purification of lymphocytes and monocytes are merely a few examples of the many areas of application.


Ordering Information


Description Cat.No. Promo Price You Save
Centrifuge 5910 R Cell Culture Bundle, get 40% off a second rotor 38-2231000657 $14,995 20%


Centrifuge 5920 R Cell Culture Bundle, Save 23%



  • Special bundle savings on the purchase of a 5920 R cell culture package
  • Set of 4 aerosol-tight caps included (a $720 value)
  • Purchase this package and receive 40% off a second rotor (up to $2,158 value)

Centrifuge 5920 R delivers extraordinarily high capacity and performance in a compact and ergonomic product design. Accommodating up to 4 x 1,000mL bottles or 52 x 50mL tubes, it is the ideal instrument for high-throughput applications. The state-of-the-art refrigeration system delivers precise cooling performance, which protects samples from unwanted temperature fluctuations and provides temperature you can rely on.


Ordering Information


Description Cat.No. Promo Price You Save
5920 R Centrifuge Cell Culture Bundle, get 40% off a second rotor 38-2231000658 $15,995 23%


Centrifuge 5424 R Offer, Save over 30%



  • Purchase a Centrifuge 5424 R for a special price of just $5,195, a savings of 32% off the regular list price!

The refrigerated Centrifuge 5424 R is the laboratory standard when it comes to efficient cooling performance (e.g. quick cooling down from room temperature to set temperature) in a very ergonomic product design. It features state-of-the-art cooling technology to ensure high temperature accuracy for maximized sample protection and best separation results. Ideal for everyday laboratory use.


Ordering Information


Description Knob Cat. No. Keyboard Cat. No. Promo Price You Save
Centrifuge 5424 R, refrigerated, with 24 x 1.5/2.0mL rotor and aerosol tight lid, 120V 38-2231000655 38-2231000656 $5,195 32%


ThermoMixer® C Offer, Save 18%



  • Save 18% on the purchase of a ThermoMixer C with 1.5mL SmartBlock™ and ThermoTop®!

The Eppendorf ThermoMixer® C offers high-quality, mixing and temperature control instruments. Unique 2DMix Control technology means fast and efficient mixing in tubes and plates, Eppendorf ThermoTop prevents condensation for improved assay performance, and QuickRelease technology enables quick exchange of Eppendorf SmartBlocks. The new Eppendorf SmartExtender is a flexible new incubation tool which can easily be used as an add-on to your existing SmartBlocks™ and the Eppendorf ThermoMixer® C/Fx, as well as ThermoStat™ C. Temperature control is independent from the SmartBlock for additional applications. All SmartBlock sizes are usable in parallel to the SmartExtender with full functionality (heating, cooling, mixing) for high flexibility.


Ordering Information


Description Cat. No. Promo Price You Save
ThermoMixer C with 1.5mL SmartBlock and ThermoTop 38-2231000667 $4,650 18%


Mastercycler X50a Offer, Save 31%



  • Save over 31% on the purchase of a Mastercycler X50a aluminum block 96-well thermal cycler

The Mastercycler X50 offers excellent block temperature control, and extremely fast temperature ramp rates allow you to save time with optimized protocols. The 2D-Gradient option results in 96 different reaction parameters to optimize two steps of the PCR protocol in a single run and supports a fast optimization of your PCR protocols.

The Mastercycler X50 family consist of units with a userfriendly VisioNize® touchscreen interface or eco units which are externally controlled. Each cycler with a touchscreen can be networked with 9 additional eco units. If that is not enough throughput, you can network up to 50 Mastercycler eco units to a computer or laptop running CycleManager X50 as a central controller. Whichever you choose, you can independently control and monitor every unit. You can also manage who has access to the system and designate a level of access with our intuitive user interface. Low noise levels, low power consumption, and the versatile flexlid® concept complete the product to be a powerful and convenient PCR cycler.


Ordering Information


Description Cat. No. Promo Price You Save
Mastercycler X50a, aluminum block, 110-230V 38-2231000666 $6,399 31%


Mastercycler nexus gradient Offer, Save 39%



  • Save over 39% on the purchase of a Mastercycler nexus gradient aluminum block 96-well thermal cycler

The Mastercycler nexus gradient is your reliable companion when a maximum of flexibility in formats in needed. It can accommodate 96-well PCR plates including fully-skirted plates, 0.2mL and 0.1mL PCR tubes and strips, 0.5mL PCR tubes, domed caps, flat caps, films, and foils.

The gradient option of the Mastercycler nexus gradient features SteadySlope® technology to ensure that the heating and cooling ramp rates are identical in both gradient and normal operation. Thus, you can expect identical temperature control characteristics in both optimization and routine experiments.


Ordering Information


Description Cat. No. Promo Price You Save
Mastercycler nexus gradient, aluminum block, 120V 38-2231000665 $4,999 39%


Innova® S44i Offer, Save up to 32%



  • Save 32% on the purchase of an incubated Innova S44i with universal platform
  • Save 29% on the purchase of a refrigerated Innova S44i with universal platform

The Innova S44i is a large capacity, temperature controlled (refrigerated) stackable shaker allowing the use of high-volume flasks in large numbers in a compact footprint. The iconic slide up door provides easy access to your samples. The Eppendorf X-Drive allows for shaking high loads at high speeds—even when stacked. When there is an instance of an unbalanced load, the X-Drive’s counterbalance adjustment allows for smooth shaking. The optional photosynthetic LED lightbank provides the ability to evenly light the entire platform across a wide intensity range—and it’s programmable. The VisioNize® touch interface introduces onboard monitoring, user management and the ability to export data via USB; or network integration via ethernet. A comprehensive service offering including IQ/OQ is also available.


Ordering Information


Description Cat. No. Promo Price You Save
Innova S44i incubated shaker, 1" orbit, with 30" x 24.5" universal platform, 120V 39-2231000659 $17,500 32%
Innova S44i incubated shaker, 2" orbit, with 30" x 24.5" universal platform, 120V 39-2231000660 $17,500 32%
Innova S44i refrigerated shaker, 1" orbit, with 30" x 24.5" universal platform, 120V 39-2231000661 $19,650 29%
Innova S44i refrigerated shaker, 2" orbit, with 30" x 24.5" universal platform, 120V 39-2231000662 $19,650 29%


CellXpert® C170i Offer, Save 10%



  • Save 10% on the purchase of two CellXpert C170i incubators including a complete stacking kit

Are you looking for a 170 L class CO2 incubator that provides flexibility for the future, makes monitoring and documentation easy, and delivers optimized growth conditions, even for your sensitive cells? Let us introduce CellXpert—a new family of Eppendorf CO2 incubators.


Ordering Information


Description Left Handle Cat. No. Right Handle Cat. No. Promo Price You Save
CellXpert C170i bundle, includes 2 x C170i and stacking kit, 120V 38-2231000663 38-2231000664 $18,170 10%


Cat.No.NameEA Certified
38-PROMOTION Eppendorf Advantage Promotion DISCONTINUED  

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